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The Poets DanceLike a lot of other people, I really liked the commercials and jingles for It was sad to know that the advertising campaign had ended and that there would be no new commercials in the series. However, it was reported that a new campaign would be created with a new band (that would actually be a real band instead of actors lip-syncing). They would be used in advertising for the new site, It remained to be seen if the new commercials or jingles would be as good as the old ones.

To select the band, a contest was held to pick the winner. The candidates were narrowed down to four finalists and then the public was allowed to vote on them. The voting continues through August 9th.

The group that I like best is The Poets Dance, a group from Rockford, Illinois. I really like their electronic sound. I might actually buy some of their real songs.
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