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JR Celski Turns Fat People Into Sliders

JR CelskiThe U.S. Olympic short track speedskater JR Celski appeared on NBC's The Biggest Loser recently as one of several Olympic athletes who participated on the show to help the contestants to exercise and lose weight. JR showed the contestants how to use a slide board, and more importantly inspired them with his own incredible story of injured and fighting his way back from it.

The cast had gone to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and there they met several athletes, like JR Celski, who helped to push them to do the best they could in their efforts to lose weight.

Before JR was introduced to the contestants, they were taken into a gymnasium where a bunch of slide boards were laid out. The host Alison Sweeney gave them a hint of what was to come, She said, "Becoming an Olympic champion boils down to one thing. On the big day you have to push harder than everyone else." She emphasized the word "push".

Then Alison brought out JR Celski, and asked him to tell his story. He told about how he had injured himself only a few months before at the Olympic Trials. In a crash on the ice he cut his leg to the bone and ended up in a hospital where he was unable to move his leg. He showed all of them his 6" leg scar as the evidence of his tale. "It was the worst thing I've ever experienced, but I bounced back. I guess it's just proven to me, that no matter what situation you're in, you've got to get back up. And that's all you guys have to do, is to be dedicated to what you do and then really, really go for it."

JR CelskiThe contestant's challenge for the day was to use a slide board. JR Celski explained to them how to use it. He warned them that it was as slippery as ice, but one of the large people noted that JR made it look simple to use. They also noted that he is an Olympic athlete, so it would be expected for it to be simple for him.

As the contest began, JR took in a deep breath and looked nervous. It wasn't a usual workout group. This one had a lot of participants falling over. He gently gave them some support words: "Come on, push through the pain guys." The contest ended and a gold, silver, and bronze winner were declared. The contestants survived and JR Celski congratulated all of them for their effort. He exhibited his gentle and generous spirit throughout.

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