Jeremy Trist (trickwire) wrote,
Jeremy Trist

Hoosierdaddies on Glee

The end of Season 4 of Glee showcased a new formidable competitor for New Directions. At the Regional competition, the group Hoosierdaddies (or Hoosier Daddies, or even Who's Your Daddies) showed they were superior in every way to ND, but since the show is about the dysfunctional group from Lima, Ohio, the show's writers gave them the win. So even though the fictional Hoosier group from Indianapolis was cheated out of their victory, hopefully they will be back again in future seasons.

The main reason for the Hoosierdaddies' superior performance was the singing by Jessica Sanchez performing as lead singer Frida Romero. She was especially strong singing Zedd's Clarity. The choreography also added a lot to the group's entertainment value. The steps performed by actor/dancer Jared Murillo were particularly good, albeit brief.

I did some research to find the actors/performers in the Hoosierdaddies. See the answers at the link below.

Glee Hoosierdaddies' dancers
Tags: glee, jared murillo

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